Slow Food Oxon update - October 2007

Dear Slow Food Members:

thank you all who supported my trip to the International Slow Food Congress! I shall be in Mexico on 8 - 11 November and will be happy to report back after my return.

A special Thank you! to Jackie Rawden, Muryel Boulay, Jane Carlton-Smith and Jessica Lee for volunteering at the British Cheese Festival last weekend. The Slow Tarts Tatin, apple crumbles and apple pies were delicious and attracted so many people wanting to hear about Slow Food that we had to move the stand outside the marquee, to make room for other exhibitors. We gave away more than 500 membership forms and collected contact details of dozens of visitors, so let's hope our front of SF Oxon members will increase significantly as a result.

Also a big Thank you! to Ian and Ruth Bird for organising the second Fungi Foray, just as popular!

We are doing our best to update our website with features and pictures from past events, so everyone feel free to write your comments, email your pictures or go to the Forum. Thank you, Jeremy, for maintaining our website! This is work that cannot be easily seen, but we all appreciate your effort and dedication to it. All: do visit our website and use it as a resource for updates on events and other information.

We have got a few more events planned for this year and I hope that you will make the time for them.

The Perfect Cheese Board is now going to be on 30 October, at the Vaults & Garden on High Street in Oxford. Entrance price is £10 per person, £5 for students + your own drinks from the bar. Will and Robert Pouget will have a display of cheeses, including local ones, for us all to taste and buy, and we'll be talking taste, accompaniments, wine matching, cheese boards etc, so please sign up with us at or simply by replying to this email.

The next Slow Food Book club will meet on 14 November, same place - Summertown Wine Cafe over A Late Dinner: Discovering the Food of Spain by Paul Richardson. Liz Wilding, the Club organiser is kindly inviting you to join this very pleasant and learningful group, even if you don't have time to read the book, come along, have a glass of wine and tell us what you like (or don't like) about the food of Spain.

Thinking summer 2008: quite a few of you wrote to me with questions about Moldova, after last weekend programme on BBC... I come from the Eastern Moldova, the one that is not in Romania anymore, not in EU yet, and next to Transnistria still... So, now that we have a Slow Food convivium in Moldova, we are going to plan a Slow Food tour to Moldova (with a glimpse to Transnistria ;) next summer. It would be for a week or so, visiting farms, vineries and eating in and out, possibly - staying with families and practicing your Romanian/Russian, but then with a possibility for Moldovan members to pay a visit to us in September. So, if you think you might be interested, please drop a line, and also which period in the summer might fit you best: early or late June, July or August. This would help us start looking at venues, costs and activities in a better organized way.

With my Slowest Wishes,