Coffee event - 16/03/08 - information to share


Dear all


I hope you enjoyed this event as much as I did and what a good turn up! so 27 of us tasted 4 different coffees this morning followed by a typical Italian Sunday lunch. The guys from Union Handroasted had kindly provided us with samples and leaflets which we distributed at the end of the event. The Old Dog and Badger (Medmenham) landlord, Carlo Arrigoni, hosted us and served us a beautiful lunch. Jeremy brought his cafetieres and moka to tell us about the differences in taste generated by just changing your coffee making tool (point followed by evidences!)

We tasted the following:

- Union Hand-roasted - Honesty (medium) - preground, light, grain size making it ideal for cafetieres

- Getcoffee Espresso No1 - beans grinded just before making the coffee: we tasted this coffee made with the espresso machine and made with a moka

- El Salvador La Fany - light and grassy

- Bibi Monsoned Malabar - everyone's favourite this morning

The event allowed us to exchange quite a few tips on how to make a proper coffee, including special trade secrets from our host Carlo

For coffee supply, the following sources were mentioned: Wallingford coffee and Tea shop, Cardew in Oxford covered market, Rumseys in Thames and Wendover (who happens to be an excellent chocolate maker as well)

For coffee afiscionados, I recommend a few pages of the website to find everything about anything on coffee


Thanks once more to all who made this event possible: Carlo and his team for their warm hospitality, beautiful smiles and food!, Union Hand roasted for having provided us with great coffees, Jeremy for helping out inthe setting up and all our Slow Food Members who made this event a success!

If you know a lot about coffee and have info to share, please post a response to this entry for us all to read


Kind and Slow Regards